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Synthenet Corporation Provides Sophisticated Web Technology and Services Behind Launch of MyZeo.com

Northborough, Mass. – To enable Zeo, Inc. to fulfill its visions for a dynamic sleep coaching web site, Synthenet Corporation, a leading provider of high-end web site services and solutions, developed online capabilities for integrating client sleep data and customizable sleep data and sleep coaching web tools.  Synthenet incorporated sophisticated web technologies, including Flash and Flex, to deliver a powerful, best-in-class web site that is highly interactive.

Zeo launched the myZeo web site with the introduction of Zeo, the Personal Sleep Coach, a unique educational tool and motivational program for understanding sleep patterns, habits and behaviors, and learning new ways to sleep better.

“No one had ever built an online sleep coaching site or tool that is as sophisticated as what we envisioned and what Synthenet developed,” stated David Dickinson, Zeo president and CEO.  “I had lots of discussions with Synthenet about vision and have enjoyed a relationship with the company that gave me confidence this project would be done with excellence.”

The customizable myZeo sleep tools Synthenet created include the sleep graph, sleep trend tool and the online personalized sleep journal.  Clients can take data they recorded in a bedside journal and easily upload and maintain it in their sleep journal on myZeo.com.  This data is reflected in the sleep graph and trend tool, which clients can utilize along with the site’s personal coaching.  Synthenet also built an e-commerce module on the site for transacting client business.

“Synthenet demonstrated a passion for helping us build our business, not just build a web site, and that was a value-add for us,” added Dickinson.  “The success of myZeo.com is largely due to Synthenet’s belief in our project and they’re unwavering support as we drove to bring Zeo to market.  They contributed as much to developing our personal sleep coaching program as they did to developing our web site.”

About Zeo, Inc.

Zeo is driving a revolution in how people view their sleep by combining breakthrough educational sleep technology and tools with proven coaching methods from both sleep science and behavioral science to help improve quality of life through improved sleep.  With the introduction of Zeo™, the Personal Sleep Coach, and the launch of the myZeo web site, Zeo provides a unique educational tool and motivational program for understanding sleep patterns, habits and behaviors, and learning new ways to sleep better.

About Synthenet Corporation

Synthenet was founded in 1998 by Rodney Capron, Jr., a web visionary with previous experience owning web development and design firms.  Capron and Synthenet’s expert web solutions team enable clients to tap into the Internet’s unlimited opportunities for promoting their businesses, raising visibility, selling products and services, and boosting profitability. 

Using comprehensive and structured process, a proven methodology and the latest web technologies, Synthenet develops web sites of the highest quality as well as the best value.  To date, Synthenet has completed over 300 web site projects, delivering world-class web services and solutions to clients ranging from two-person companies to large enterprises and representing a wide spectrum of industries. 



"At New Sources, we believe we have a true strategic "partner" in Synthenet. They work for the success of our company as hard as we do."
Randy LeGrant
New Sources