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The Situation – Build Site That Models Best Web Practices
Zeo is driving a revolution in how people view their sleep by combining breakthrough educational sleep technology and tools with proven coaching methods from both sleep science and behavioral science to help improve quality of life through improved sleep.  With the introduction of Zeo™, the Personal Sleep Coach, a unique educational tool and motivational program for understanding sleep patterns, habits and behaviors, and learning new ways to sleep better, Zeo also launched the myZeo Website.  At myZeo, customers can easily transfer and maintain their sleep data in the myZeo Sleep Journal and utilize the myZeo Sleep Tools and personal coaching. 

With the myZeo website, Zeo wanted to model the best practices of top web sites in the sleep market and incorporate sophisticated web technologies such as Flash and Flex — both integral to fulfilling Zeo’s vision for a dynamic sleep coaching web site.  Therefore, Zeo sought a web company that was an expert in these technologies and also delivered high-end web design.  The company wanted to build a very educational site for the brand it was establishing for personal sleep coaching.

The Solution – A Passion For Helping the Client Build Their Business
Synthenet won over Zeo on several fronts, first by possessing a comprehensive skill set that included database knowledge as well as resident expertise in Flex.

“We found we could check off a lot of boxes,” states David Dickinson, Zeo president and CEO.  “We’re using Synthenet beyond web site development – they’re also hosting and providing other systems and services that are not typically offered by web firms.”

Most important and impressive to Zeo was Synthenet’s business model of being fully involved with its clients’ projects and taking on only a few clients at a time.

“Synthenet’s willingness and passion to help us build our business – not just build a web site – was a differentiator and a value-add for us,” states Dickinson.  “They helped us with building our personal sleep coaching program as much as building the site.” 

The myZeo Website was developed to incorporate customers’ sleep data and provide customizable sleep data and sleep coaching tools, making it highly interactive.  Synthenet helped create the customizable tools, including the sleep graph, sleep trend tool and the online personalized sleep journal.  Customers take data they have recorded in a bedside journal and upload it to the journal on the site.  This data is then reflected in the sleep graph and trend tool.  Synthenet also built an e-Commerce module on the site for transacting customer business.

The Outcome – Industry-Leading Web Site and Online Sleep Tools
“No one had ever built an online sleep coaching site or tool that was as sophisticated as what we envisioned and what Synthenet developed,” declares Dickinson.

Zeo appreciated Synthenet’s strategic leadership and team-player approach throughout the process.

“I’ve had lots of discussions with (the Synthenet CEO) Rodney Capron about vision and have enjoyed a relationship at a top level that gave me confidence this project would be done with excellence,” avows Dickinson.  “Synthenet became part of our company. It was never about “you” or “they;” it was about “us.” It was about all of us coming together as one team.  Synthenet always represented themselves as being one of us.”

Reactions to the myZeo Website have been very complimentary.  All the various Zeo stakeholders — from board members to partners to customers — have chimed in on how professional and attractive the site is. 

“Customers have written blog posts showing screen grabs of the site because they are so impressed and have an affinity for what we’ve done and achieved,” affirms Dickinson.

Zeo also attributes the success of the myZeo website to Synthenet’s belief that the myZeo project is something special.  

“They believed in our project and our people,” stresses Dickinson.  “They were confident and passionate.  I appreciate that they took the risk and believed in us and I’m grateful for that.  They’ve been an unwavering ally as we looked to bring Zeo to market.”


“Synthenet’s willingness and passion to help us build our business – not just build a website – was a differentiator and a value-add for us. They helped us with building our personal sleep coaching program as much as building the site.”

David Dickinson, President and CEO
Zeo, Inc.